Ronald reagan

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Enemies and rivals When he was elected to be California’s governor his rival was Pat brown in the year 1966 and when he re-elected in 1970, Jesse Unruh.
The first time when hetried to be president of USA Richard Nixon but Ronald Reagan failed in 1968. He tried again VS. Gerald Ford and he won the candidature.
When the elections came, in 1980 he won against the presidentJimmy Carter, the liberalist Anderson, Ed Clark etc.
He was involved in the Cold War and their enemies were Russia end his allies. Russia was liderado by Yuri Andropov.
Friends and alliesMain achievements
He supported the Federal Reserve to get down the inflation.
Impulse fiscal cuts in 1981.
Recuperate the USA economy that president Jimmy carter let in a bad place.Convince the soviets (he tell them that with the new weapons they will never beat him) so they would not attack them.
He invaded Grenada in petition of some islands.
Main Failures TheIran-Contra case. (Exchange of weapons)
The invasion to Libya that let 241 marines dead.
National Context The US was in bad economic conditions because Jimmy Carter didn’t make theeconomy to progress.
During his leadership he start producing more nuclear weapons to be prepared if Russia want to attack them during the Cold War
International Context The US was fightingthe Cold War against Russia.
In Russia were the soviet expansionism and the demolition of the Berlin Wall.
In the Centre of the American Continent some countries were starting to change to thecommunism.
Personal life He born in Tampico, Illinois the 6 of February 1911
His father was Jack Reagan and his mother was Nelle Reagan
He graduated from Eureka College
He married 2times:
Jane Wyman- he have 2 children with her
Nancy Davis-he have 2 children with her
He made 53 films in Hollywood
Governor of California
40th President of the USA
He died in...
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