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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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11 March 1941
Today I woke up with a big smile in my face and with a spirit of power. It had been a really tired day since I opened my eyes but it worth it. Finally the congress accepted theLeand Leased act allowing us to give Britain, China and the Soviet Union military supplies. Also the congress voted to commit to spend $50 billion on military supplies from 1941–45. Even if we knowthat there would be no repayment after the war, I’m looking for something else, one of my biggest objectives is end European colonialism. I feel better with myself now that this is public because I feltbad with me because I was cheating my people, violating the “Neutrally Act” by opened secret talks with the French in how can United States can help, but I did it for my country. When the Second WorldWar broke out I knew that I had to use the situation to win power that’s the reason I sought ways to assist Britain and France militarily and met Winston Churchill in secret, to help them in he war.I hope this work, other side I will be hate by my people the rest of my life, but even if they don’t I trust in my decisions and I know that the best option was to be with the Allies. Germany cant winthis war, as I said in my Four Freedoms speech as an American defense of basic rights throughout the world, I defend the freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom fromfear and with Germany in the power, I’m pretty sure we won’t have this freedoms.

                                 August 14, 1941
Today I met with Wiston Churchill, Prime Minister of the UnitedKingdom to develop the Atlantic Charter, because with my policy of "all aid short of war."I had committed the U.S. to the Allied side. I also have received good news from Henry Stimson, my secretary ofwar, he just told me that the order I gave him a month ago about begin planning for total American military involvement has ended successfully. Resulting in "Victory Program," under the direction...