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The sweetest and magical festival monterrey

For the fifth consecutive year at Christmas Monterrey receive a 'candy rain' on the occasion of one of the most anticipated events of the holiday seasonand that insurance has become a favorite of thousands of people.

This is the Festival of Sweets, it has drawn attention for its colorful, joy and what about the uproar caused by sensational paradethat walks through the streets of downtown before the eyes of those who let themselves be invaded by the holiday spirit this time.

As every year, the parade has been known under different namesand on this occasion is known as 'Christmas Magic', which is why you can start preparing now as this new edition promises to be more spectacular than the last.
This time will be 12 floats involvingOutstanding among them is a monumental Birth, the North Pole, in which participating children will Eskimo costumes, the Toy Factory and the sled, which will leave some participants dressed aslumberjacks and singing the traditional theme of 'Rudolph the Reindeer. "

One love festival
Something that definitely leaves many surprised is the costumes and scenery used in each of the cars as they notethe professionalism and dedication that have made this event. In fact it is so important because it calls not only regal but people from other neighboring cities.

The Parade of Sweets, which isorganized by the Government of the State of Nuevo Leon, will start this coming Sunday 15th December from Moctezuma Brewery, located on Avenida Alfonso Reyes en route to the Esplanade of Heroes, located inthe Gran Plaza .

The schedule where you can enjoy this event is from 5 pm until 10 pm, plus a free event, so you can expect a fun weekend you can enjoy with your family

A Holiday InvitionIris: hello Long time no see
Grandmother,: daughter miss you even if
 Iris: If for that reason I write is that I want to see you
Grandmother, :so tell me
Iris: I want to invite you to go to...
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