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Alejandro and Rosana were engaged to be married. He was a man of average money, average height and average intellect. His most striking feature was his liquid green eyes speckled with gold flecks.Nobody in the town thought he deserved Rosana, but she had fallen for his sense of humor and his kind-natured personality, which was useful for his work educating small children.
For a while they hadbeen getting along very well, but as the relationship progressed Alejandro felt as if they were drifting apart, and noticed that Rosana was coming home later and later every night. One day while hewas at work, his teacher friend, an attractive blonde, walked up to him looking very somber. He asked what was wrong, and she told him of the rumors she had been hearing. She had seen Rosana onmultiple street corners around town, and was worried for her safety. This news troubled him and since he loved his fiance, he decided to look into the rumors.
One night when Rosana had just left thehouse, Alejandro got into his car and followed her at a short distance. When he saw her downtown at the busiest street, he broke down crying. He loved his Rosana and didn’t understand why she was doingthis to their relationship and to herself. He decided to stop her at all costs, so he went that night to the town witch, Ava. Ava was rumored to be 732 years old, containing the power to grant any wishif you wanted it badly enough, but at a price.
Alejandro explains his situation to Ava, and by the end of his story she is smiling and nodding her head. “I know just the thing,” she says in herraspy voice. “But it’ll cost you.”
Alejandro readily agreed, “Yes yes yes! Anything, I’ll do anything.”
Ava grazes his soft cheek with her gnarled finger, and whispers, “Give me your first bornchild.”
Alejandro agrees, laughing to himself because he knows he’s sterile. She hands him a bag of herbs, tells him to add it to his morning tea, and to follow his wife the same day.
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