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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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The first news that we have of the footwear was came to us of Paleolithic. Women's pictorial representations wereworn leather boots and his companions with leather gaiters of animals surrounding his legs.
But the first key piece in the history of thefootwear is the sandalias. The former ones were done by a few rigid soles tied by means of straps, or strips, also they were used plaited strawand sheets of leaf of palm.
Initially the sandals were a privilege of the noble classes, with the time they were stopped being a privilegeof them to happen to be of popular nature. When the mode appears we see as the forms they are changing, squared and lengthened.

The mostcommon footwear was in Greece the men was used leather boats of ox encircled to the ankle with a few interlaced ropes and in Rome the womenwere covered only the fingers and the previous part of the foot.
In the S.XIII the sharp-pointed shoe began to be used by clasps andcords. This shoe was typical of the last third of the middle ages. In 1364 was prohibited the sharp-pointed by the king of France Carlos V sincethey had come to the exaggeration, in spite of this the mode did not decline.
In the middle XV the people was used of high leg boots wasgeneralized and fitted done of leather and fabric.