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Tactical PT Session
My intent for this PT session is to develop squad tactical movements and developing physical condition needed on a combat situation. The usage of hand signals and other SOPprocedures for company or squad movements would be required. The parts of the PT Session would be:
1. Obstacles
2. Crawling
3. Crossing Bars
4. React To contact during movement
a.At this part Insurgents will attack the company will they are jogging thru the University.
5. Bounding
i. Materials Needed
1. Dummy Weapons
2. Water Guns3. Insurgent Costumes
ii. Uniform
4. ROTC Green shirt or Not label Green T-Shirt ( for those that doesn’t have it)
5. For hardcore cadets Boots would beallow ( Preferably MSII cadets)
6. ACU Bottoms (Check the possibility to get them or just use comfortable jeans for those that doesn’t have them).

Long Distance Company Run – From theAñasco Bridge
My intent for this PT session it’s to improve unit cohesion, motivation and applying the soldiers creed. Cadets will improve their cardiovascular endurance while they interact eachother, singing cadences, and helping each other to accomplish the mission successfully.
Materials and Personnel Required
1. Van and Driver
2. Water Jugs inside the Van
3. Road Guards andRoad Guard Vest

Educational Movie Night – We Were Soldiers
My intent for this activity is to increase unit cohesion, form bonds, increase learning on a fun environment and raise funds for lateractivities. We will present the Film We Were Soldiers to show cadets the functions of an ARMY officer during war time. Before and after the film desserts and drinks would be available in order to raisefunds and enjoy more the film. For this activities we would need:
1. The Film ( Which we already have)
2. The Sanchez Hall
3. Desserts: Popcorn, Nachos, Cheese and Drinks
4. The...
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