Roxanne quimby case analysis

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Roxanne Quimby Case Analysis

1. Introduction:

There was a guy named Burt who kept and sold honey from bees in a little town in northern Maine. He lived a humble life in a little piece ofland where he had 30 beehives and some other chickens to sustain him. He had a small honey business that he managed with his own pick up selling honey in town.
Burt met Roxanne Quimby, who at the timewas a single mother struggling to find a job to sustain her children. Roxanne got interested in Burt’s business and together they decided to sell beeswax candles with the leftovers Burt had from thebees. Later on they introduced a new product, the lip balm. Main was a little town great for working, but, businesses couldn’t operate well there due to high taxation.

2. Problem Analysis:Burt’s Bees is a great company with an important growth and potential, nevertheless they struggle with decision making and this has brought important consequences to the business. One of the majorproblems is that Burt’s Bees doesn’t have a business plan, they struggle to make one and this is affecting them by not having a vision or mission of their own business, it is also affecting them by nothaving an action plan, they’re not informed of law policies and what could be more convenient for them. They are also struggling in building their own brand or product, in the long run this will maketheir product unique and this ways they’re going to be able to differentiate themselves from competition.

3. Recommendations:

According to my point of view, the best idea forBurt’s Bees is to find their way back to Maine; they need to create a plan with the government in order to find a way that they both could benefit. This ways Burt’s Bees is going grow in his hometown andpeople from the area are going to support them because is a local business.

Staying in Maine will bring more benefits in the long-run, they will working in creating a unique product that is...
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