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4. What special HRM conditions must exist for such a plan to work? How do you believe these conditions relate to employee motivation?

For a business plan quality for aspecial condition it must have a very good strategy for innovation in the area of human resources, this means that, everything goes in having the employer in a good mood, happyand satisfied at his work place, this implies that the worker will be more efficient because he feels comfortable in his work place. So we understand that the most productiveworkers are happier, and the key goes in the style of human resource management rather than labor laws that tries to protect the workers.
The workings conditions are markedin productivity are not legal norms that are established by the government, the importance is the labor management practices that companies implement internally to create anexcellent working environment. So more productive workers are those who feel they can give the best of themselves, they have the encouragement of his supervisor and his ownviews are taken into account. It is also essential for the productivity that workers do not feel threatened of losing his job.

These working conditions dependent more of thestyle of the human resource manager than the legistion labor law. A worker who enjoys these conditions is 40% more productive than a other equal worker.

Besides being avery good business for the company, a good work environment, leads it to an important increase in productivity, which is beneficial for workers and the company itself and thedifference in workers who enjoy the good conditions receive higher wages than a worker with similar qualities of a worker who falls into bad management or bad management.
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