Rsume who moved my cheese away?

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¿Quién se ah llevado mi queso?- by Spencer Johnson
The book is about two rats and two Lilliputians.
They are in a maze,they live in there. And every morning the four of them wake up to go to the maze and try to find come cheese.
The Lilliputians put their shoes on, and prepare themselves to go to the maze and runbetween the corridors trying to find a deposit of cheese.
In the book the cheese could be anything that you want. The author put the example of the money, because it is something that every one wants inthis life.
And the four of them try to look some cheese in the maze so they can live.
One day they found it in a deposit, the name of that deposit was “the deposit Q”
Every day since they foundthe cheese they go there and eat it.
The rats found the deposit too and the four of them were eating in that place.
They were so happy because they had a lot of cheese, and different kinds of ittoo, but the time passed and they started to be lazy, they didn’t put their shoes on to go to the maze, and they thought that all of that cheese could be forever, they thought that they had it all andthey stopped looking for more cheese.
They wrote in the wall things like: “having cheese makes you happy”
One day the Lilliputians woke up and discovered that there was no cheese. It was finished.But they thought that the rats had taken it away.
They felt betrayed, and they were so hungry.
They stayed in the deposit Q, because they thought that the cheese will come back. That it will fallfrom the sky. But it didn’t, and the days passed by.
That day they wrote in the wall: “the more important the cheese is for you, the more you want to keep it”
One of the Lilliputians, the one that wascalled Haw saw the rats looking for more cheese in the maze. And he discovered that the cheese is not going to return, the cheese will not fall from the sky they had to look for it. Always be...
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