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BA International Business Intercultural Business Context

Continuous Assessment
Lecturers: Dr Aine Furlong, Paola Fraioli, Dr Fionnuala Kennedy

Class Discussion of tandem experience: 10%March 2nd
Class Test: 40% 25th March
Tandem Written Report 50% (max. 2000 words) April 20th

For details of tandem exchange see powerpoint presentation.

The written report shouldinclude the following
• Date, time and duration of meeting
• Learning goals (e.g. what did I hope to get from the discussion?)
• Cultural/Intercultural information
* What didyou learn about the other culture/your own culture, what similarities and differences did you notice or discuss?
* How would you rate your own/ partner’s intercultural competence?
*Observations based on what you learned in class (how does what you learned apply to you, your culture, your partner’s culture?

While you and your partner are free to choose the topics youdiscuss, these should reflect topics dealt with during the class. You may also decide on topics suggested by lecturers during the course of the semester. You may include photographs, music, or anythingthat will help your report.

Criteria for Assessment of tandem report: Your report and presentation should show that you have

• Met with your partner 5 times for approx. 1 hour
•Negotiated ways of working together
• Applied what you have learned in the class to your own/partner’s situation
• Reflected on similarities and differences in your cultures
•Learned from the situation so that you have become more interculturally competent.

Class Discussion: Everybody will be expected to contribute to a discussion on the tandem experience and to listento (and comment on) other students’ experiences.

Class Test: The class test is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of topics covered during class. The test will take one hour.
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