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Rubric for a Research Project
Student Name(s)_____ ________________________Final Grade________
  | Thesis/Problem/Question | Information Seeking/Selecting and Evaluating | Analysis | Synthesis |Documentation | Product/Process |
4 | Student(s) posed a thoughtful, creative question that engaged them in challenging or provocative research. The question breaks new ground or contributes toknowledge in a focused, specific area. | Student(s) gathered information from a variety of quality electronic and print sources, including appropriate licensed databases. Sources are relevant, balancedand include critical readings relating to the thesis or problem. Primary sources were included (if appropriate). | Student(s) carefully analyzed the information collected and drew appropriate andinventive conclusions supported by evidence. Voice of the student writer is evident. | Student(s) developed appropriate structure for communicating product, incorporating variety of quality sources.Information is logically and creatively organized with smooth transitions. | Student(s) documented all sources, including visuals, sounds, and animations. Sources are properly cited, both in-text/in-productand on Works-Cited/Works-Consulted pages/slides. Documentation is error-free. | Student(s) effectively and creatively used appropriate communication tools to convey their conclusions and demonstratedthorough, effective research techniques. Product displays creativity and originality. |
3 | Student(s) posed a focused question involving them in challenging research. | Student(s) gatheredinformation from a variety of relevant sources--print and electronic | Student (s) product shows good effort was made in analyzing the evidence collected | Student(s) logically organized the product and madegood connections among ideas | Student(s) documented sources with some care, Sources are cited, both in-text/in-product and on Works-Cited/Works-Consulted pages/slides. Few errors noted. |...
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