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Rumspringa: A wrong way to show the outside world.
Nicolás Rozo Roldán.
After studying the history of this sort of rite in the Amish culture, I also read a few articles that talk about thiscultural practice. I have developed a mindset about this practice, that even though seeks for the good of its members, in my point of view only blinds them; make them commit sin, in some cases make themchange after coming back from Rumspringa, make them doubt, live extreme situations and in the end, very ironically, they practically must been through sin to feel they've had an authentic Amishexperience. In this write I will try to explain why the Amish should look for another practice for cleanliness and spiritual purity.
First of all, I want to be emphatic about the strong impact that Ithink this 'celebration' cause in the Amish people for these practices that are completely opposite to their normal lifestyle. Let’s recall that the Amish are known primarily forhis simple lifestyle, and traditional modest dress and reluctance to adopt modern amenities. This also includes prohibitions or limitations on the use of external power, telephones and automobiles and dress regulations. Theirlifestyle is based on isolation from the outside world, so it also takes them away from all the customs and the alcohol and excess you have in the outside world. Then try to imagine, and I say frommy point of view, how it must feel for a teenager being one day away from all the outside world and its customs, living in a society very basic, extremely conservative and virtually no technology, andthen being the next day in Rumspringa in direct contact with all the things they have said are bad and now almost have to do to be part of a regular ritual. This, without saying whether it isa positive or negative impact, because it has been shown that it has happened in both ways, will be a powerful experience for Amish teenagers, that will mark you for life and that anyway will be a...
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