Russian revolution

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The Russian Revolutions
To describe the autocratic methods of Alexander III.
To explain the economic changes under Nicholas II.
To summarize crises that paved the way for revolution.To describe the March Revolution and end of czarist rule.
To summarize the Bolshevik Revolution and its outcome.
To explain Lenin’s reforms.

Unrest in Russia erupted in revolution toproduce the first Communist government.
Russian Revolutions
In 1881, reforms in Russia stopped when the czar was killed by radical students.
The new czar, Alexander III, took back control of theRussian government.
He cracked down on anyone who seemed to threaten his government.

He also oppressed all non-Russian peoples who lived within the Russian empire, especially Jews.
In 1894, his sonNicholas II became czar and continued the strong rule.
He launched a program aimed at building up Russia’s industry.
Nikolai II

Russia quickly became a leading producer of steel in the world.However, this rapid industrial growth brought problems.
Working conditions were poor, wages were low, and children were forced to work.

Workers grew angry and often went on strike.Revolutionary groups wanted to topple the government.

Some followed the teachings of Karl Marx.
In 1903, they argued about how to carry out their revolution, and they split into two groups.
One group—theBolsheviks—was led by Vladimir Lenin.
Vladimir Ulianovich Ilich

He fled Russia a few years later to await a better time to push his ideas.
Russia suffered a huge defeat at the hands of Japan in awar that started in 1904.
In early 1905, the Russian army killed hundreds of hungry workers who had peacefully gathered to ask for relief.

Strikes spread in protest, and Nicholas was forced toallow some reforms to take place.
The suffering caused by World War I was the final blow against the czar’s rule.
In just the first few months of war, Russia had four million soldiers killed,...