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Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Unit Test

Directions: Choose the best answer for each question. Fill in the circle completely.

1. Heprayed that his family would be protected from the atom bomb disease called leukemia. Which word can replace leukemia in this sentence?

family atom bomb diseaseprotected prayed

2. “Don’t’ you remember the old story about the crane?” Chizuko asked. “It’s supposed to live for a thousand years. If a sick person folds 1000 paper cranes, the gods willgrant her wish and make her healthy again.” She handed the crane to Sadako. “Here’s your first one.” Sadako’s eyes filled with tears. How kind of Chizuko to bring a good luck charm. How isSadako most likely feeling in this passage?

angry careless
hopeful sad

3. Rushing like a whirlwind into the kitchen, Sadako cried, “Oh, Mother!I can hardly wait to go to the carnival. Can we please hurry with breakfast.” Which best phrase best supports how Sadako is feeling in this passage?

go to the carnival Oh,mother
with breakfast I can hardly wait


Which event will best complete the chart?

Sadako folds her first crane. Kenji dies.
Sadako gets akimono. Sadako gets dizzy.

5. Which of these events comes right after Sadako sees the fuzzy spider?

Sadako tells her mom she can’t wait to go to Peace Day.
Sadako goes toChizuko’s house on the way to Peace Day.
Sadako wakes up her siblings.
Sadako eats breakfast.

6. In what city does Sadako live?

Nagasaki HiroshimaTokyo Kyoto

7. What is celebrated every August 6 in Japan with fireworks, music, and cotton candy?

Memorial Day Bomb Day
Peace Day Christmas...
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