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LoveTest - Score Card | |
|You've done it, Lucas Gabriel Quintana. Below, you'll find your test results. Now you've got |
|several options... You can choose another test for even more insightinto your |
|personality/relationship, find out about the meaning of your name or check the LoveThermometer |
|to see how hot your relationship is. You can also receive the resultsby e-mail -- you just have|
|to enter your e-mail address in the form below. |
|LoveTest Results for: |
|Lucas Gabriel Quintana & Maria De Los Angeles|
|LoveTest Questionnaire Analysis: |
|Maria De Los Angeles will break up with you, Lucas Gabriel Quintana!|
|There are always ups and downs in every relationship. Although you think you know a lot about |
|your partner already, you might want to spend some more quality timetogether. Love, trust, |
|understanding, affection, honesty, tolerance and loyalty are very important factors for a |
|successful relationship. Think about what's still missing in yourrelationship and how you could|
|improve it. |
|This result is based on the answers which you selected in the LoveTestquestionnaire. |
|Please check out the quizzes in the QuizCentral for more indepth quizzes and extended results. |
|Numerology Analysis:|
|Lucas Gabriel Quintana is 76 percent compatible with Maria De Los Angeles |
|Maria De Los Angeles is 61 percent compatible with Lucas Gabriel...
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