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Kingston put under state of emergency
Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, has been put under a state of emergency as police fought armed gangs trying to block the arrest of a reputed gang leadersought for possible extradition to the US.


A police officer and a civilian were wounded by gunfire in street clashes and three police stations came under attack in the city, police said.One police station was set on fire after police abandoned it having run out of bullets, they added.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding held an emergency meeting with his cabinet Sunday and issued a Stateof Emergency for Kingston and St. Andrew.
The government said the state of emergency will last for at least a month.
Trouble began earlier this week in Kingston after the government approved a USextradition request for Christopher "Dudus" Coke, a reputed gang boss and community leader in the Tivoli Gardens district wanted on drug and gun trafficking charges.
Thousands of Coke supportersthronged the streets on Thursday amid police reports gangs in the area were amassing weapons and had erected barricades in the street to prevent Coke's detention, after an arrest warrant was issued for hiscapture.
Mr Golding on Friday made a public appeal for calm and called for the barricades to come down so police could carry out their duty and arrest Coke.
The barricades did not come down and onSaturday, amid reports police were preparing to enter Tivoli – one of Jamaica's most dangerous neighbourhoods which Golding represents in Parliament, the streets were deserted as locals stayed indoorsfearing an outburst of violence.
The United States warned travellers of possible civil unrest in the Jamaican capital.
Considered one of Jamaica's most influential and dangerous men, Coke, 42, isthe alleged leader of the Shower Posse gang with branches all over the United States, and also heads the Tivoli Gardens community, which Golding represents in Parliament.
The United States accuses...
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