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Sagatiba is considered to be one of the top quality cachaças in the whole world. At the beginning, this alcoholic beverage was not popular outside Brazil. In order to become the leader in theinternational sector, they decided to invest 20 million pounds marketing campaign and show the world why they needed Sagatiba as their new acquisition.
The headquarters in Sao Paulo hired an advertisinggroup in London to come up with a new idea and set aside all the clichés by transmitting a new “nicer” Brazil.
Within the campaign there were various key elements such as the slogan, the photographer,the model and the scenario that had to be discussed and chosen.
The aim of the campaign was to turn Sagatiba into a global brand as promptly as possible. The group in London knew Sagatiba had astrong competitive advantage: Quality. Bar tenders knew less sugar was required to prepare the perfect Caipirinha.
For the sake of the campaign, the logo and face of the company had to be cautiouslyselected. When looking for a catchy phrase they came up with: “Pure so you don’t have to be”, in the end Sao Paulo’s said it was limiting and were looking for something rather open.
Other ideaswere pitched by the London office: why not bring a Brazilian Beach bar to the capital of the UK (where Sagatiba was meant to be presented). By doing so they were portraying a brazilian attitude behindthe drink. People would look from the outside and realize they could put friendship and drinking together: a never ending search, literally what Sagatiba means.
Another important aspect is productplacement. Magazine, billboards and prestigious bars were selected in detail. Providing an exclusive product will certainly require out-of-the-ordinary bars and lounges. Nothing sells cool brandsbetter than cool people thinking they discover them for themselves: a cotangent strategy. Viral marketing was also used to get some clients’ attention. Strategic mails were sent to make customers have a...
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