Saint john bosco

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1815-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, Emperor of France, who with as much boastfulness had taken to his victorious armies, making shake all Europe, blinded by the pride, wanted to put the Church under his control and he dared to Pope Pío VII in prision, in Fontainebleau, and sent the excommunication to him. The Emperor said :Perhaps the excommunication of the Pope will to make be able to make fall theguns off the hands of my always victorious soldiers!... In the military campaign of Russia it suffered the tremendous defeat in Waterloo. Because of the cold the guns of their frozen hands fell down.The Napoleonic star eclipsed…”God demotes the powerful ones of their thrones and raises the humble ones”.-

In 1815,appeared a new star destined to radiate a beneficial light for all the humanity: JOHNBOSCO! He was born in a humble family on 16 of August of 1815 in a Town called “and Becchi… in Castelnuovo d'Asti (now Castelnuovo Don Bosco). Her Saint mother “mother Margareth” educating him to the faith protecting him from the great power of his older brother Antonio, who did not want him to study…

The boy was left orphan by the death of his father, but under the care of his mother. Hewas growing in age and grace, plenty of apostolic and holy anxiety.
The Small Boy taught catechism to his companions, who met a church. He stood in front of them transmitting to them what his mother had taught him or what he had learned from the sermons of the Parish priest ,and he also amused them with his magic tricks. Equipped with great intelligence, he was growing in the study: being poor,he alternated the study with the work, to pay the books he used in different activities.

Dream-Vision at 9 years had great importance… He saw fierce animal in a field, that in the short while transformed into small lambs. He saw a field full of children and boys, who fought, and blasphemed… Indignantly John began to kick and blow them. But the man who appeared stopped him immediately saying: “John, not with blows, but with kindness and mildness you can transform these children and young people into little lambs…”. John cried, not knowing how to do. The man said to him: “… John, I will give you a teacher under whose guidance you will learn”… At the moment appeared to him the Virgin dressed in white and blue… The dream finished: John understood the mission god has given to him: tosave youngsters… The Helping Virgin was accompanying him in his adolescence since he entered the seminary of Chieri, until the priesthood (in 1840).

The Lord prepared Bosco to say Mass in the Church of Saint Francis of Assísi. A boy of 14 years old(Bartholomew Garelli) was watching him from the sacristy door. The boy he had invited to help him in Mass forgot ignite the candles so the sacristanhit him with the cane. John Bosco who saw all that,became sad and said.:”What have you done! Call him, he is my friend…”… The young boy full of fear,returned and Mr.Bosco treated him with affection and he did many questions to him.The answers were all refusals: he was an orphaned poor boy,who did not have house and slept behind the door of any church or under the porches of Turin, and did notknow anything about religion…Mr. Bosco invited him to say with him the Hail Mary and invited him to return with many other boys.It was then when the work of the oratory was born.-

Mr. Bosco did not have a place for the Oratory and joined the boys from any uncultivated land of the outskirts of Turin… Every Sunday was a problem by the protests of the neighbours, who went to the police. But one dayan envoy of Mr. Pirando appeared to him, who told him about the expensive sale of a shed…. Mr. Bosco bought it.The Oratory was therefore the “Pinardi House " first stable, that was growing in miraculous way until being the house mother of the salesians with a complex of great constructions.

The Shrine of Helping Mary in Turin was the material monument of the gratitude of John Bosco to the...
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