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Sales Application Questions
1. A salesperson must use a closing technique that is simple and straightforward, and ask the prospect only to buy rather than something in addition it buying. In whichof the following examples, if any, is the salesperson suggesting something to the buyer that is a close, rather than something the buyer must do in addition to buying?
a. If you have no objection,I’ll go out the warehouse now to see about reserving space for this new item.
b. To get this promotion off right, we should notify each of you store managers, I’ve already prepared a bulletin for them.Should I arrange to have a copy sent to each manager, or do you want to do it?
c. To start his promotion we should notify each of your store managers, I’ve already prepared a bulletin for them. On myway out, I can drop\ or off with the secretary.
d. We should contact the warehouse manager about reserving a space for this new item. Do you want to do it now or after I’ve left?

2. Buying signalshave numerous forms. When you receive a buying signal, stop\ the presentation and move in to close the sale. For each of the following seven situations, choose the appropriate response to youprospect’s buying signal that leads most directly to a close.

a. “Can I get it in blue?” Your best answer is:
1. Yes
2. Do you want it in blue?
3. It comes in three colors, including blue.

b. “What’syour price?”
1. In what quantity?
2. To quote a specific price.
3. In which grade?

c. “What kind of terms do you offer?
1. To provide specific terms.
2. Terms would have to be arranged
3. Whatkind of terms do you want?

d. How big an order do I have to place to get you best price?
1. A schedule of quantity prices.
2. A specific-size order.
3. What size order do you want to place?e. When will you have a new model?
1. A specific date.
2. Do you want our newest model?
3. This is our newest model.

f. What is the smallest trial order I can place with you?
1. A...
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