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  • Publicado : 26 de julio de 2010
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Scientists predict that by 2015 over 60% of people on earth will live in cities. The main reason is because lots of people are leavingthe countryside to look for work in the cities.

The migration of all these people is causing lots of problems. Modern cities are noisy, dirty, crowded places. Traffic pollution is causing globalwarming. However, there is one city that is going to be very different: the city of Dongtan in China.
At the moment, Dongtan is being built. However, when it is finished in 2041, it will be theworld's first ecocity. For example, no buildings in Dongtan will be more than eight floors high. Grass will grow on the roofs, protecting the buildings from the weather. Rainwater will be used for showersand washing machines. Also, transport won't cause pollution, and there will be plenty of space to walk safely. In fact, most people will walk or cycle to work, because walking or cycling to work willbe quicker than driving.

In Dongtan, up to 80% of the garbage will be recycled to produce electricity. Outside the city, huge wind-farms will produce more electricity from the wind. Also, everybuilding will have its own windmill to make its own electricity. In fact, Dongtan will make all the electricity it needs without causing pollution.
Dongtan is China's answer to the problem of growingcities. It is not suprising that China is the first country to deal with this problem. About 200,000 people move to Beijing each year! There are not enough houses for them to live in. China needs tobuild 400 new towns in the next decade.
Hopefully, all these cities will be like Dongtan.



1. Why people are moving in to cities?
a.Scientist are telling them to move
b. They are going to find work
c. They are too many people in the countryside

2. The movement of people in to the cities is:
a. Helping to solve global...
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