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HOTEL: booking
CUSTOMER: Hi! This is … I’m calling because … I’d like (to book) … Can I have … ? What’s the price of … ? Is … included? Yes, of course. RECEPTIONIST: INTERNATIONAL INTERSECTIONS.Good morning. Just a moment. I’ll have a look at the list. Would you like … ? What kind of …? I’ll send you the confirmation by e-mail. May I have your … ? (e-mail address, credit card number) Thanksfor calling. Have a nice day. Bye.

HOTEL: checking-in
GUEST: Hi! I’ve booked a single room in the name of …… I have a reservation. My name is ……….. Hi! Do you have any vacancies? I need a twinroom for 2 nights. What is the price of a single room? Is breakfast included? What is the check-out time? Is there the Internet here? Is the reception open 24 hours a day? Can I have a wake-up call?Can you please wake me up at 7 o’clock? Is there room service? Is there a bank near here? RECEPTIONIST: Good morning. Sorry, what’s your name? How do you spell it? How do you pronounce it? Just amoment, I’ll look it up. ……… Ah, here it is. Can you fill in this form, please? Sign here, please. Can I have your passport, please? Here is your key card. You’re in room no. 26 on the second floor.The lift is at the end of the corridor. You can take anything from the mini bar, we will put it on your bill. You can use our restaurant, the TV room, the indoor swimming pool, or our laundryservice. Breakfast is served from 8:30- to 11:30.
Is there room service?
Room Service is available 24 hours a day with a selection of sandwiches, beverages, desserts and fruit; a continental breakfastis available during the morning hours.


Sorry, there are no clean towels in my room. The hot water is not running. My room is too noisy. Can I get another one? The airconditioning is too loud. Can you turn it off at night? I spilt some coffee on the carpet. Can someone come and tidy it up? Thanks. The light is not working. Can you send someone to fix it?

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