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Skins is a British teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England through the two years of sixth form. The controversial plot line explores issues such as dysfunctional families, personality disorders, eating disorders, mental illness, homosexuality, and death. The show was created by father and son television writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain for CompanyPictures, and premiered on E4 on 25 January 2007.
The show is notable for its casting of amateur actors and young writers. The cast are entirely replaced every two series, when the characters leave sixth form. Skins has broadcast four series, and has been commissioned up to a sixth. A Skins film is also in production, as well as an American adaptation by MTV, set in Baltimore, Maryland.
From left toright, Hannah Murray as Cassie Ainsworth, April Pearson as Michelle Richardson, Nicholas Hoult as Tony Stonem, Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Lucy Sketch, Dev Patel as Anwar Kharral, Mike Bailey as Sid Jenkins, Joe Dempsie as Chris Miles, Larissa Wilson as Jal Fazer, and Mitch Hewer as Maxxie Oliver.

Second generation

[pic]The second generation of Skins characters. From left to right, JJ Jones, NaomiCampbell, Emily Fitch, Katie Fitch, James Cook, Effy Stonem, Freddie Mclair, Pandora Moon and Thomas Tomone.
Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), Tony's younger sister, becomes the lead character for the second generation. Effy is beautiful, popular, and a natural leader like her brother, but also quiet and distant, attempting to keep her own troubles hidden. She is fully aware of herdesirability and capacity for manipulative behavior, but feels expressing her own emotions will show weakness. Pandora Moon (Lisa Backwell) is her best friend, having appeared for the first time in a second series episode. She is innocent to the sexual and narcotic world in which Effy indulges, but is ready and willing to explore it. Thomas Tomone (Merveille Lukeba) is an immigrant from the Congo,with a morally upright outlook and good-hearted nature.
James Cook (Jack O'Connell), Freddie Mclair (Luke Pasqualino) and JJ Jones (Ollie Barbieri) have been best friends since childhood, known as "the Three Musketeers". Cook is charismatic and sociable, but boisterous and not afraid of authority. His womanising drives many of the events in the series. By contrast, Freddie is an easy-going skaterwho likes to smoke weed, and as the more sensible and responsible friend, he is often put out by Cook's behaviour. JJ's Asperger syndrome makes it difficult to fit in socially, but he has learnt to use magic tricks to make friends. His friends view him kindly but with a degree of amusement, and sometimes irritation, but he knows Cook and Freddie will always take care of him. He is the kindest of thethree, and by far the least worldly.
Katie (Megan Prescott) and Emily Fitch (Kathryn Prescott) are very different identical twin sisters. Quietly insecure Katie thinks of herself as something of a WAG and wants to usurp Effy's place as queen bee of the group. Her homophobia causes problems with her sister Emily, who is coming to terms with her identity as a lesbian. The quieter of the two, Emilyis used to being the shadow of her sister, and is sulky but perceptive. She is in love with Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless), a fiery, politically-charged and passionate young woman with idealistic views and an abundance of ambition. She also has a good friendship with JJ, due to their problems, they feel that they would be good confidantes to each other.
Other characters include Karen McClair(Klariza Clayton), Freddie's sister who is desperate to become famous.] Mackenzie Crook guest stars as Johnny White, a psychotic Bristol gangster with comedians Jordan Long and Justin Edwards as his inept henchmen. Ardal O'Hanlon is the gang's careless Northern Irish college tutor, Kieran MacFoeinaiugh (pronounced Mac-Phew). As with the first generation, the central cast's parents are played by...
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