Sample one

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Sasuke's first word is...

He would stare at the people around him and think, 'Ignorant fools…I want to kill them.'

Then he would be shaken out of his reverie by a weak tug on his pants. Helooked down and saw baby Sasuke sitting on the tatami next to his feet. Sasuke looked up at the standing Itachi as if he were a mountain, eyes filled with awe and admiration. Then, for no reason at all,he kicked Itachi's leg.

Itachi's eyes flared red with the sharingan he was developing. And then Sasuke chortled as if amused by Itachi's blatant anger. He grabbed his toes and began rocking himselfmaking weird undecipherable baby noises until Itachi decided to ignore him again in favour of staring at the pond outside their living quarters.

"Ee-tah!" exclaimed Sasuke and he began slapping thetatami beside him excitedly. "Ee-tah! Ee-tah!"

Itachi looked at his brother and raised an eyebrow. Was he like this too when he was a baby? Full of laughter and seemingly without a care in theworld other than shouting baby babble? It was hard to imagine. Itachi turned to look at the pond again but Sasuke was grabbing his pants once more.

"Ee-tah! Eeeee-taH!"

What was he trying to tellhim? Itachi glared at Sasuke, glaring always worked on everyone else. But Sasuke laughed again and tugged his pants even harder. Does he want me to sit? Itachi wondered. He sat down beside Sasuke andthe baby stopped pulling his pants.

But he returned to saying in a really loud voice, "Ee-tah! Ee-tah!"

After four more ee-tahs, Sasuke started to look desperate. His cheeks became rosy withfrustration and he was slapping the tatami angrily. "EE-TAH!"

I hate babies, thought Itachi.

At that moment, Uchiha Shisui appeared at the sliding door with a ball tucked under his arms. "Hey,Itachi," he said excitedly and Sasuke brightened visibly. "We're going to play ball out in the field. Wanna join us?"

"I don't think so."

"Come on, Itachi. Join us once in a while."

"I have to...
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