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John Paul II(1920-2005)
Karol Józef Wojtyla Known as John Paul II since his election in the papacy in october 1978.
Born in Wadowice in Cracovia in May 18 of 1920, he made his first communion at9 and was comfirmed at 18. Grauite from high school in Wadowita Marchin school in Wadowice. He was matriculade in 1938 in the Jagiellonia Univesity in Karkow on a drama school.
In 1942 he fell tathhe want`s to be reverend , he began course in the clandestine seminary of Cracow directed by the archbisshop of Krakow and he was promoter of the Rhapsodic Theatre clandestin to.
Doctorate in theologyin 1948with a thesis of faith in the Works of San Juan de la Cruz
After WWII, he continued his studies at the major seminary of Krakow, newly opened, and the Faculty of Theology of the JagiellonianUniversity, until his priestly ordination in Krakow on November 1, 1946.
Named auxliary bishop on July 4 of 1958 named bishop on September 28, 1958, made cardinal on june 26 of 1967 by Pope Paul VISince his election like Pop in octubre 16, 1978, he performed 104 pastoral visits outside Italy and 146 in Italy, he visited 317 parishes of the 333 parishes of Rome
His principal documents are 14encyclicals, 15 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions and 45 apostolic letters.
And he write and published 5 books: "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" (October 1994), "Gift and Mystery:On the Fiftieth Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination" (November 1996), "Roman Triptych - Meditations", book of poems (March 2003), Come on! "(May 2004) and" Memory and Identity "(expected release inspring 2005).
Any Pop has so many encoyntered like John Paul II, more tan 20,989,102 piligrims participated in more tan 1160 ceremonies that he made.


There once a time acarpinter call gepetto he doesn`t have kids, but he want one, en their eagerness he built a puppet of Wood call pinocchio, when he finish he was tired and he get sleep.
While gepetto was sleping a fairy...
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