San pedro coahuila

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The municipality of San Pedro de las Colonias, is located in the Southwestern region of the state of Coahuila, north 26 º 38 'south 25 ° 37' north latitude, 101 degrees east 52 ', west 103 ° 14' west longitude

The municipality of San Pedro borders north with the municipalities of Francisco I. Madero and Cuatrocienegas and the east by the municipalities andParras the south by the town of Parras, Viesca and Matamoros on the west by the municipality of Matamoros and Francisco I. Madero.

Its area is about 9290.13 km ² (3.838 sq mi.), Representing 4.6% of the total area of the state. Its height above sea level is 1.090 Mts.

It is one of the largest municipalities in the state and ranked fourth after the municipalities of Ocampo, Acuna and Parrasrespectively.

The municipality with 293 seats, of which 108 can be considered suburbs and the county seat is San Pedro.


The total population of 93.677 inhabitants, of which 46.009 are men and 47.668 are women, with a density of 9.84 inhabitants. Km ². It has two locations, San Pedro with a population over 40,000 inhabitants and Concordia (Urquizo and La Rosita) with apopulation of 6.658 inhabitants, and 15 suburbs with a population of more than 900 people who are:

|Santa Elena |912 |
|Alejo González|972 |
|La Fe |996 |
|San Esteban de Abajo |1,024 |
|20 de Noviembre|1,056 |
|San Miguel |1,086 |
|San Marcos |1,132 |
|Tacubaya|1,292 |
|San Lorenzo |1,328 |
|San Francisco de Arriba |1,390 ||San Rafael de Arriba |1,390 |
|El Retiro |1,475 |
|Mayrán |1,564|
|San Ignacio |1,860 |
|Luchana |2,963 |
|Total |20,440|

Fuente: INEGI CONTEO 05.


In the city of San Pedro prevails very dry semi-warm climate, which predominates in the Laguna region and in the North and Central Municipality is mid warm dry climate.

The weather is too extreme, during the day, can reach high temperatures to 42 degrees Celsius, and at night, especially in winter, down to 0 º Celsius. The annual...
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