Santa ana hill

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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Santa Ana Hill - Cerro Santa Ana
Santa Ana hill is located on the northeast side of town, next to the Guayas River and the traditional neighborhood of Las Peñas
The hill, formerlycalled Cerrito Verde is the place where the city was born when it was founded at its bottom in 1547. Currently, the hill is a tourist spot. In 310 meters you have restaurants, coffee houses, artgalleries, and craft shops. It has squares and parks and green areas for recreation and rest. And of course, a majestic view of Guayaquil.
From the top you can see, to the north, the intersection of theBabahoyo and Daule rivers (that form the Guayas river) to the south, the downtown area and Santay Island and Duran to the east. To the west, there’s Mount Carmen and the rest of the city. There are 456stairs of restaurants, people, services, history, and many more.
Plaza Mirador the Fortín
Is the highest point of the Hill, where the lighthouse is located, the Honors Plaza, the chapel of SantaAna, the open museum
Lighthouse (built in 2002): It has a great symbolic representation. It has a height of 18,75 mts. and posses an internal stair that takes you to the terrace, the strategic point toobserve the city.
Open Museum (built in 2002): To guard the city that blossom in the Santa Ana Hill, it was founded in 1629 the Castle, Fort or San Carlos Fortín located at the top of the Santa AnaHill. At the time that many continuos pirate attacks kept coming.
Santa Ana Port
On the facilities of the old National Brewery, a new touristic attraction for the city and it will be calledPuerta Santa Ana (Santa Ana Port). It will be a center for entertainment, recreation and sport. The project will have a recreational complex, civic plaza, convention center and a thematic museum relatedwith the production of the beer. It will also have some spaces dedicated to a museum of important people like the singer Julio Jaramillo, the radiotalker Carlos Armando Romero Rodas, and the teams of...
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