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The innocent marketing story
Marketing & brand stuff
We believe that 95% of our marketing is in the bottle and like to let the drinks do all the talking. We’re very big on keeping the main thing, the main thing and try to be as innocent as we can in everything we do. So that means, quite simply, being natural, honest and making business decisions that we can all be proud of. We work hard tokeep our brand fresh, just like our drinks. From changing our labels every few months, to putting nice little messages on our accounts forms, it all helps reinforce what we’re all about.

One of our early labels and our first little rule book

Rule book If anyone were to ask us to sum up innocent, we’d just hand them our rule book with a nice cup of tea and let them have a read. It packs all theimportant stuff in, from the fact we won’t ever adulterate our drinks to how we believe you should love the people who buy our drinks, which we do. It’s the closest thing we could get to a mission statement without it actually being a mission statement. Sampling Advertising is great at getting people keen to buy an innocent drink if they see one, but sampling is a fantastic way to get people totry the drinks directly. We now have our one-stop mobile sampling shop in the form of our two dancing grass vans (one is shown below, the cow is optional), and every summer we have our very own road show where they visit events, festivals and innocent stockists.

1 information correct as of April 2008

Marketing spend The chart below shows our marketing spend since 2001. 2003 turned out to be apivotal year for us as we invested more money in our sector than anyone else and it was more than we spent in our first four years of business put together.

innocent total marketing spend 01-08

10 9 8 7 6

9 8 7

5 4 3 2 1 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
0.32 0.6 1.5 2.25 3.5

When it comes to getting the work together, we try to do as much as we possibly can on ourown, but sometimes we do ask for a little bit of help, such as the fact that we now have a media buying agency who help us buy the space for our ads. These are people who buy ad space for a living, so we thought they probably knew what they were talking about. At the end of the day, though, all final decisions are made by us.

innocent websites We have a few websites, so if you find yourself with afew minutes to spare, why not check them out.

2 information correct as of April 2008

Our books In December 2001 we published our very first recipe book. Over three sections, “Work,” “Rest,” and “Play,” we packed in all the different recipes which both we andour innocent drinkers had come up with. Heat magazine wrote, “A gorgeous little book full of delicious recipes for work, rest and play. We like the Play section best.” That made us very happy.

We published our second book, “Stay Healthy. Be Lazy,” in December 2003. With ideas and suggestions to do just that, we just knew that one-legged hovering would catch on. And in April 2006 we published ourthird book featuring 57½ recipes from our innocent kitchen. Here’s a recipe you can try below:

3 information correct as of April 2008

A bit about our advertising campaigns You will also be able to find a gallery of previous ad campaigns and labels on our website

2001 We took our first foray into the mad, bad world of marketing back inthe summer of 2001, where our ads appeared about four different tube stations. We didn’t have much money to spend you see.

Some examples of our first ad campaign. We were very proud.

2002 We got some great feedback, and decided to have another go a year later, with a campaign which ran inside tube carriages, and suggested lots of different ways to stay healthy on your otherwise boring...
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