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To create an IT infrastructure that will support your company’s growth, you need a unified business management solution on an integrated platform that offers the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. An SAP® Business All-inOnesolution can help you improve financial management, maintain operational excellence, and enhance competitive agility – so you can succeed even in times of economic uncertainty and lay a solid foundation for growth. With built-in support for business best practices, these integrated, industryspecific solutions are designed for midsize companies seeking to support processes across the entireorganization.


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The Challenge for Midsize Companies The Wrong Business System Can Hold You Back Powerful All-in-One Functionality from SAP Benefits Delivered by SAP Business All-in-One Improve Financial Management Maintain Operational Excellence Enhance Agility Unify and Simplify Drive Adoption and Improve Productivity Make a Cost-Effective, Long-Term Investment One Solution SupportingAll Your Key Processes Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Management Business Intelligence Best Practices Technology Platform Get Moving Quickly with a Fast-Start Program Deep Industry-Specific Functionality To Learn More

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TheWrong Business System Can Hold You Back
As midsize companies grow, many find it difficult to retain the very characteristics that first led to success – speed, flexibility, and strong customer relationships. Growing companies are often hampered by business systems that simply cannot keep up. Unsophisticated systems can lack the capacity to support daily tasks and are often poorly integrated, makingthem timeconsuming and expensive to maintain. Ineffective technology infrastructure can be a serious impediment to remaining competitive and agile. Responsiveness and timely decision making can be hurt by systems that cannot scale to handle the increased number of transactions generated by a growing customer base. Communications with geographically dispersed suppliers and partners can become morecomplex. Disjointed, nonintegrated systems can also make it difficult to get full visibility into business operations. Perhaps most important, it is difficult to achieve a unified company mission when each operation or geographical location is using independent or poorly coordinated legacy systems that provide little consolidated visibility or sharing of business processes – which by their verynature must transcend individual operations. Faced with this common set of challenges, midsize companies like yours need a single, integrated business management solution as part of their IT strategy. As your business strategy becomes more clearly defined and aligned with a core competence around a specific industry or set of subindus-

tries, industry-specific requirements emerge. You must beable to link business processes and the various departments inside the enterprise that play an interdependent role in those processes. Adopting new, comprehensive technology that underlies the entire organization and integrates the needs of sales, finance, accounting, human resources, and logistics is critical to providing scalability and delivering value that stands the test of time. And for any ITstrategy, flexibility is important. Your organization must be able to adapt to business-driven changes such as geographical growth, reorganizations, and business-model evolution and still serve internal and external customers quickly.

ful enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, you can effectively manage all aspects of your operations and...
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