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Steel Aquarium
Customer Information:

Please print this PDF, fill in requested info and fax it to: 310.347.4131 Call us with any questions at: 310.748.2238


Name:_________________________________ Please contact me via: Phone: ____________________ e-mail: ____________________

Tank Information::
Outside Dimensions: Width:______ Depth:_______ Height:_______H
Number of viewing sides: _________


Please Sketch the top view of your tank to include, over flow boxes (with dimensions & location within tank). We can help you make these decisions ifneeded.

Canopy Cabinetry 3/4” Thick

Flip Up or Removable Top Canopy Top Seam Water Line

Viewable Area

Tank Gravel Line Bottom Seam Plywood Deck

Please Sketch the front view of yourtank including over flow boxes and any hole locations (with overflow box if applicable).

Stand Cabinetry 3/4” Thick


3/4” Base Cleat
Desired Height: _____________ Inches*Recomended height range is 30-40 inches (36 - most common) **Height of cabinetry is approx 1” to 3” above the top of the stand to hide bottom seam & gravel (if desired)

Desired Canopy FrameHeight: _________ Inches *Recomended height range is 10 to 16 inches (dependent on lighting type and scale of tank). **Height of finish cabinetry is approx 3“ greater than the canopy frame (1” aboveframe & 2“ into tank view to hide waterline) ***Metal Halide lights need taller canopies to minimize heat transfer.

Style: ________________________________________ Wood Type:__________________________________ Paint or Stain Grade?_________________________ *All edge profiles are eased square

Style Manchester #48 Walnut Wood Type

Gravel Line Hide: Do you wish gravel to show abovethe cabinetry or be hidden? Yes: No: *Advantage to hiding gravel: You don’t see alrea growth = less maintanence. Also it helps prevent magnet cleaners from getting gravel stuckbetween them and the...
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