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1-Which statements regarding the Materials Management postings in Financial Accounting are true?
More than one answer is correct. Decide whether each answer is true or false.
|True False |If a material document and an accounting document are generated at the time of a posting, the material document number is displayed |
| |as reference in the accounting document.|
|True False |The field selection for the movement types for goods issues and the field selection for the account of the offsetting entry must not |
| |conflict with each other. |
|True False |The valuestring assigned to a movement type represents a generalized posting record. That is to say, a posting can be generated only|
| |for transactions (transaction/event keys) that are defined in the value string. |
|True False |The transactions (=logical structure) of a posting record can be influenced via the account determination process.|

2-You receive a credit memo from your vendor. How do you enter this credit memo in the SAP R/3 system?
There is more than one correct answer to this question. Select which of the following answers .
true and which are false.
|True False |If a difference between the PO price and price shown in the invoice is involved, you can enter the transaction as an invoice. In theprocess, you enter|
| |a negative amount at item level and set the subsequent debit indicator. |
|True False |You establish the link to the originally posted invoice document and post a partial cancellation/reversal for the amount of the credit memo. |
|True False |if a difference between the POprice and price shown in the invoice is involved, you enter the transaction as a subsequent credit. |
|True False |If a difference between the quantity delivered and the quantity invoiced is involved, you post the transaction as a credit memo. |

3-Which of the following ways of handling cash discount are possible?
More than one answer is correct. Decidewhether each answer is true or false.
|True False |Deduction of cash discount at time of payment run in Financial Accounting. |
|True False |Net/gross posting at time of invoice receipt. |
|True False |Net/gross posting at time of invoice release..|
|True False |Net/gross posting at time of purchase order entry- |

4-How can you prevent an invoice for a total amount of 10,000 euros and three item amounts of 3,000,2,000, and 5,000 euros from being posted?
Please choose the correct answer.
|You define a tolerance groupspecifying an amount per document of 10,000 euros as the upper limit for posting transactions in Customizing for |
|Invoice Verification, and enter this tolerance group in the user master records of the relevant invoice verification clerks. |
|You activate the item amount check in Customizing for Invoice Verification and have the invoice blocked if the tolerance of 10,000 euros is|
|exceeded. |
|You assign an authorization with amount restrictions for the posting of incoming invoices |
|You activate amount-dependent document parking in Financial Accounting and specify 10,000 euros...
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