Sap solution manager – summary (certification exam)

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SAP Solution Manager – Summary (Certification Exam)

Introduction to SAP Solution Manager

This module defines the SAP Solution Manager and outlines the benefits of using Solution Manager and the ASAP methodology tools provided to aid in the implementation, operation, and continuous improvement of SAP solutions.

Business Example
XYZ Corp. is about to begin a large-scale business processtransformation project and has chosen SAP software as the centerpiece. This project has been named "Project Progress" and will consist of multiple SAP components. A comprehensive, full life-cycle tool to help drive and manage the implementation is required. SAP Solution Manager will be used for this purpose during the implementation and eventual hand-over to operations.

Module Duration: 2 hoursModule Objectives
Module Content
Target Audience

Using Solution Manager

It is important to have a clear understanding of SAP Solution Manager in the overall context of an SAP solution implementation. This topic helps define the purpose and benefits of using Solution Manager.

Business Example
As your project moves into the planning stage, project team members of need a high-leveloverview of the SAP Solution Manager. Since the project will include multiple solutions consisting of potentially complex system landscapes, it is imperative to provide consistent and persistent documentation of the existing systems and the planned systems. Understanding the benefits of a central repository is essential.

Estimated time to complete this topic: 30 minutes
What's in it for me?• Define "SAP Solution Manager"
• State the general purpose of SAP Solution Manager
• Identify the multiple usage scenarios of SAP Solution Manager
• List the benefits of using SAP Solution Manager

Solution Manager Definition

The SAP Solution Manager is the central application management platform that customers can run in their solution landscape to help them efficiently implement,operate, monitor, and support their SAP solutions. The SAP Solution Manager provides tools, content, and a gateway to SAP that helps to:
• Optimize the management of your SAP solution
• Ensure reliability of your SAP solution
• Ensure efficient operations
• Ease implementation and upgrades
• Continuously adapt and improve your solution

Customer's System Landscape

The SAP Solution Manageris a separate, complete Web Application Server installation that is connected to all systems in your solution landscape. These various systems are called satellite systems. In this way, SAP Solution Manager acts as the central system of your solution landscape, allowing business processes to be implemented, tested, and even monitored in an integrated manner, thus avoiding duplication of effortand information and streamlining your activities.

Increasingly Complex Systems

In the last few years, the IT world of SAP customers has grown much more complex. Instead of one single SAP R/3 system, there are now extensive system landscapes distributed over the entire globe involving different solutions. Thus, it has become much more complicated to manage all of the components of thevarious solutions. The management process has also become more complicated for SAP itself. For example, over the last several years, SAP has consolidated separate information sources and services into the SAP Service Marketplace ( By having a solution management system at every customer site, SAP can offer a virtually seamless link from customer systems to the service marketplace,helping to reduce the time for support, notes access, and so on.

Why Solution Manager?

Audio Transcript
There are several reasons to implement SAP Solution Manager. First, SAP Solution Manager enables the customer to have a faster implementation of SAP solutions and helps optimize operations once implementation is complete.
Second, implementing SAP Solution Manager gives the customer...
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