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Student 1:

Welcoming the audience: Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen. First of all, let me thank you all for coming here today.

Introducing yourself: Let me introduce the members of my group:.

Introducing your topic: Point 1: Today`s topic is the importance of excellent customer service. In my talk, I`ll tell you about Sarcletti`s company overview.Structuring your topic: I’ve divided my presentation in three parts. First, I’ll talk about the history of the company, then I’ll talk about the core business of the company and finally, I’ll talk about the vision and the mission.

Sequencing your topic:


Student 1:

Development of Point 1:

Presentation trainer phrases to be used:

▪ This brings me to the end ofmy first point.

▪ Lets now move on

▪ In addition to this, I’d like to say that our Sarcletti’s business is going very well.

▪ So what does this mean?


Sarcletti is the name of an Italian family dedicated to the elaboration of natural ice-creams. In the 80`s, Gabriel Abugattas lived in Alemania and he worked in an ice-cream company for a lot of years.In the following years he studied and worked in pubs and cafes in Europe. Gabriel and his family then decided to create an ice cream company with all the knowledge of Gabriel. Sarcletti came to Peru on 18 August 1995. His first ice cream shop was in Miraflores. In 1998 Sarcletti opened the second ice-cream shop in San Borja and Sarcletti introduced his brand in the market.Sarcletti also introduced his mark into San Antonio Bakery. Sarcletti decided to form a brand franchise in 2006. Today sarcletti is well known for its delicious ice cream. This brings me to the end of my first point.

Let`s now move on the core business, Sarcletti is a companythat sells ice cream, desserts, juices, etc. Let`s now take a look at the mission of the company. Its mission is to provide unique delicious flavors to the consumers.

Let`s turn to the vision of the company. His vision is to grow as a company and be one of the best on the market.

In this moment my partner Maria Rosa Kcomt is going to talk about customer service.


As a finalpoint, I`d like to say this: sarcletti is a company that sells unique good taste ice creams. People also prefer this product because its ice cream shops are well located.



Student 2:

Introducing yourself: For those who don’t know me, my name is Introducing your topic: Point 2: In my presentation, I would like to talk about what happens when the customer comesinto contact with the company.

Structuring your topic: In my presentation I’ll focus in 4 major issues.

Sequencing your topic: I’ll begin talking about the first contact between the customers and the workers. Then, I’ll move on to Sarcletti’s customer service.


Student 2:

Development of Point 2:

▪ Definition of CC: Clients start contact with the business▪ Different stages: Information, advice, convenience, after-sales

▪ Objective: Make people want to buy more.

Presentation trainer phrases to be used:

▪ So, that’s the background on…

▪ Let’s now move on to…

▪ Furthermore, there are other interesting facts we should take a look at.

▪ What conclusion can we draw from this?

SARCLETTI’S CUSTOMER SERVICESarcletti exists because there are customers who buy its products. But that is not all, Its customer service makes people want to buy more. Sarcletti’s clients start their contact with business since they stand at the store, when they are welcome in a nice space where they can have a good food and good service. To better understanding, we have divided its customer service in four parts:...
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