Scarlet pimpernel

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1. Who was the Scarlet Pimpernel?
1. Why was The Fisherman’s Rest a popular inn? He saw a man beating a girl who did not even knew yet.
2. Why wasn’t Lord Antonypleased? Possible case of blackmail, because the name of this cheque was the name of a wellknow person and maybe this person decide to pay money to keep the secret.
3. Who came into the inn withSir Andrew? He thinks that probably somebody lives there because for example the windows they're so clean.
1. What did the two strangers do when they finished their game of dominoes?
Tosee if Mr Hyde appears at some time there.
2. How did the Comtesse and her two children leave Paris? He lives next to the laboratory.
3. Why didn’t the Comtesse like Lady Marguerite? MrUtterson thinks that Hyde is giving control over Jekyll.
1. Describe Lady Marguerite Blakeney. The maid from the window of her room saw two men that were talking. One was an old man askingfor a street and the other a young man under with a stick, which seemed quite nervous. Suddenly, the second suffered an attack of hysteria and beat the old man.
2. Why did Lady Marguerite gooutside with her brother? Knowing Mr. Utterson that the murderer it was Hyde, Mr. Utterson drove the police to the house of the Hyde in the Soho.
3. Why must Armand go back to France? Trough her home.4. Why the Marquis was furious when Armand fell in love with his daughter and what did he then do? Because Hyde made two mistakes. First, he kept the cane and secondly he burned his chequebook.CHAPTER 4
1. How did Lady Marguerite feel about Chauvelin?
2. Why did Chauvelin go to England?
3. What will Chauvelin do if he catches the Scarlet Pimpernel?
1. Whatinstructions did Sir Andrew and Lord Antony get from the Scarlet Pimpernel?
2. What happened to Lord Antony when he went to the door?
3. What did the three men do after they tied Lord Antony and...
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