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The King’s Feast

It was an exaggeration, just like everything else in her life. That was the first thing 19- year old Lucy thought when she glanced at it. Two stories high, huge windows all around it, a door as big as the ones in old churches and a garden around the entrance: her new summer house.
Her parents had decided to build it right after the big news hit them. Her father, WilliamSullivan, was named CEO of Sullivan-Quid Industries. It was an important company that was developed by her grandfather. The company built many medical instruments, so it was a good business. Along the new job, came several benefits, like fortune, luxuries, fancy schools, etc.
Lucy was ok with many of those things, but she hated exaggerations such as this one, the summer house.
Besides, she didn´tlike where it was located. Her mother, Claire Williams, was member of an environmental group, where they talked about exotic, natural places. One day, Claire saw these woods in a magazine and loved them. Tall trees, rare animals in it, and no civilization nearby. The perfect place for someone who wants some privacy.
But privacy was the last thing her brother Bobby thought about. He was member ofthe high-school´s football team and, of course, a very popular guy. As soon as he saw the house he called all of his friends for a party. Great. They weren´t decently installed and already had a party that night.
The good thing about this, was that they were staying one night only, since summer was about to end. But they would return the next summer to stay there the entire vacations, and no oneimagined what they were going to find.
It was summer again, Lucy could see the sun from her window, up high in the horizon, shining more intensely than any other day of the year, and she wished to be at a friend´s house, getting ready for a party. Instead, she was stuck in her family´s car for almost 3 hours now, headed to the woods to spend the entire vacations with her family.
The ideawasn´t a very bad one a year ago, when she first saw the house. Lucy even had thought that she could improve her relationship with them. But her family changed through the last year. Money changed them.
Her parents began to attend to important parties almost every night. Her mom started to develop a certain taste for alcohol, since she woke Lucy up almost every night with her screaming, which startedafter her mom was drunk. Her father wasn´t at home the entire day, he went from important meetings, to eating lunch with “Key” investors, and after that to big parties. The only one she could count on was Bobby. And she needed him now more than anything, especially when they saw the house.
At first; Lucy wasn´t very scared by its appearance. A few windows broken, doors damaged, the gardencompletely destroyed. “Vandalism”, - she thought. But the moment they entered the house, fear began to rise.
As soon as the door opened, Lucy stepped on something wet. “Weird”-, she thought. She looked down. Red was what she saw. It took her about half a minute to realize what it was. Blood. All over the floor, the walls, dead deer, rabbits, and even bears were laying in the living room.
Lucyscreamed. She screamed as loud as she could, as if it would take away that fear rising inside her, as if when she stopped screaming, she would realize it was a dream, not real, that she was just in her bedroom back at home, but it wasn´t like that.
The only thing that the screaming brought was that her parents rushed inside to see what was going on. When her dad saw all that mess, he grabbed a nearbygolf club and handed another one to Bobby. After that, they told her and Claire to stay there, until they finished searching the house.
At first, Lucy didn´t understood why her dad and brother were inspecting the house for; if it was an animal it would already be gone. But everything got clear when she saw them. Foot prints. Human footprints marked in the blood, directed toward the inside of...
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