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1. Did you know that the University of Phoenix Library has librarians available to help you with your Master’s Level research? An electronic form sends the librarian a request on a topic, a journal, or any other library resource. Our Ask a Librarian service is your pathway to obtaining professional guidance and recommendations regarding your research. For those challenging topics, ask a librarianfor his or her professional research assistance.

Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab on your student portal. Then click on the link for University Library and navigate to the Ask a Librarian section. Then, answer the following question:

What is the turnaround time for library requests? (Indicate the best answer.)

a. Within the week
a. In no more than 48 hoursb. In the same day if the request is received by 9 a.m.
c. In no more than 24 hours

2. The Center for Writing Excellence is another fabulous tool made available to you by the University of Phoenix. Not only may you submit a paper to the grammar checker and get a corrected paper back within minutes, but you may also check your paper automatically for plagiarism to make sure you cited all ofyour research correctly. Along with these valuable reviewing tools are several tutorials and guides to assist you in producing the finest work possible.

Go to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the Center for Writing Excellence. On the left is a box titled Writing Tools; select the link for Tutorials Guides. From the list provided on this page, what is the tutorial orguide available under the category Essay Development?

a. Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers
b. University of Phoenix Library Tutorial
c. Sample Case Study
d. Grammar Guide

3. In the business world, you often find the need to use information gathered from many sources. University of Phoenix provides you with a valuable list of resource links that help you in your coursework and may beused in your career. After you login to your student portal, select the Classroom tab and go to Materials. On the left side of the page, below your text resources, is a link for the Links Library. Select the Links Library. Explore the various sections in the Links Library and provide the information requested from the various topic areas:

Business Research & Statistics > Statistics ResourcesName: Hyper Stat Online Statistic Textbook URL: The Source for Statistic Education

Public Administration > Ethics

Name: United States Office of Government Ethics

4. As a Master’s student, you conduct research that involves best practices along with determining what othercompanies have done when confronted with similar business issues that you examine in your course materials. With this type of research, you may want to look at a case study or maybe at a comparison between two companies’ approach to a similar situation. So, how might you search for a particular type of document? Go to the Library tab, click on the link for University Library, and access theSpecialized Resources link. Scroll down to the RDS Business Reference Suite and select. Then, chose the Advanced Search option.

What documents below may be specifically searched for using the document type selector.

a. Business newspaper and case study only
b. Cross comparison study and case study only
c. Business newspaper, case study, cross comparison study, and several others
d. Businessnewspaper, case study, and cross comparison study only

5. A Master’s-level business education today contains an international contingent. With the current business environment of globalization, free trade, and the global instantaneous exchange of information brought by the Internet, you regularly reference international data for business opportunities in your research assignments. With the...
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