School anecdote

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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School Anecdote

When I hear the word Marymount, it reminds me of responsibility, success, friendship and probably respect. Although it has been a long and hard time studying inthis school, it has been worth it for many reasons. I have been taught how to share with one another in a respectful, honest and friendly way. Like the slogan says: Teaching andlearning to love God, each other and the world around us. All these lessons are now part of me, not only academically, but also in my personal formation.
Throughout all these yearsin high school, I have been part of the honor society, a group of students that maintain a constant high average during various school years. For me it is a pleasure and great honorto be part of this group because it represents an important example and model to all other students.
Surprisingly, last year I was informed that I was no longer included into this“society”, as it is called. I felt very disappointed because my average had not changed and it was not fair after all the hard work I had done the previous years. I went to Mrs.Lissy,s office to ask why was this change made, but she told me my average wasn’t enough to be there. I felt so disappointed and sad to myself because this is a very important issuein my school progress.
After some days, I was in my math class and a teacher entering the room, told me I was needed in the office. Walking into the office, for my surprise I wasgiven great news. I was reintegrated in the honor society! What happened was that because I was part of advanced classes in the last years, one point was added to my final average.When I heard this, I felt so astonished and proud of myself because I had what I wanted. From now on, I will always try to do my best in everything I do and be constant every day.
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