Science knowledge

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Science knowledge

Importance of science knowledge. Children construct important ideas and discover much for themselves when they use science process skills. They gain knowledge by accumulating andprocessing information and by forming concepts about their natural world, human´s use if natural resources, and the impact of this use on society.

Example of Science Knowledge

The knowledgebase of science is often referred to as products. New discoveries that add to the base of scientific information are the products of curiosity and experimentation. An interesting thing about scienceknowledge is thet new discoveries often lead to more questions, more experiments, and more new discoveries. Indeed, the solutions to scientific problems can create new problems. Science Knowledge consistsprimarily of facts, concepts, principles, and theories.

Facts are specific, verifiable pieces of information obtained through observation and measurement.

Concepts are abstract ideas that aregeneralized from facts or specific relevant experiences.

Principles are complex ideas based on several related concepts.

Theories consist of broadly related principles that provide anexplanation for a phenomenon.

The purpose of a theory is to provide the best explanation based on evidence. Theories are used to explain, relate, and predict.

Throughout history, scientific thinkers havefound that the accepted hierarchy of facts and ideas cannot answer certain important question. As scientists struggle to refine the theories and principles in an effort to answer these questions,they sometimes come up with a radical new idea that seems to solve the problem better. If the new idea answers the questions as well as the old ways of thinking did, the scientific community willeventually throw out the old ideas in favor of what Thomas Kuhn called a scientific paradigm.

Theories are the best explanations that scientists have. Scientist possess holistic view of science. T hey...
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