Science of evil

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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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Science of Evil
It is blame for cruelty our of our mind comprehension
Is it a dark force out side of us that we are all vulnerable to? That we must work to resist? Is it inside of us? A stain onthe soul? A dysfunction of the brain? Or just a word used to distance ourselves from inherited human behavior?

We usually see the end product (of evil), the final solution. What we don’t see is theprocess of evil.

Stanford prison Experiment (Philip G. Zimbardo)
* Uniforms and ID numbers where use to striped them from their individuality.
* Prisoner’s number will replace their nameand will become their identity; in a very short time they will be that number.
* The guards all wear sunglasses; they will take away their humanity. Must of our humanity when we interact comereally through visual contact, through people looking at our eyes. So when you cut that over it just makes it easier for people to abuse other people.
* Sadisms often requires some degree ofresourcefulness & creativity.
* The level of aggression, degradation and abuse escalates and unfold
* Situational created evil; giving the right situation any of us is capable of evil.
* Handbehind the back, authority figures in use of power.
* We are all equally capable of infinite cruelty and equally capable of great good.

Evil is about the exercise of destructive power. The wayto suppress rebellion is to crush their spirit. Psychological torment work.

Evil can only reside in the human heart (never in nature).

Evil could be a construction of human moral mind. For anindividual to understand it requires a scence of right and wrong. The brain ultimately is a mechanism and what it does is a matter of the circumstances in wich it finds itself and its ability to valuethe outcomes., as any machine it could be use for good or for bad.

Ratcliff & Jeffrey Dahme
Could you baptize a monster? Evil never comes with horns or tale but with a simple human face....
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