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Science: 1-20 Questions.

What produces skin cancer? Ultraviolet radiation.
What is the connection between the sun and the colour of our skin depending on where we live? Where thesun is harder, people have a darker skin.
Why is the sun important? Because it gives us vitamin D.
If you have fair skin, you need sun cream and not to expose so much in sunnycountries.
If you have dark skin, you need vitamin D in less sunny countries.
What is a cataract? It’s the clouding of the eye lens.
What’s photosynthesis? It’s the process what plantsdo, when they absorve sunlight taking CO2 and releasing O.
What’s respiration in plants? It’s the reverse of photosynthesis…
What’s the ozone layer? It’s the layer which protects usfrom UV radiation.
What’s happening to it? It’s getting thinner, because ozone is becoming normal oxygen.
Where is it in danger? Over the north and south places.
What actions arebeing taken to reduce damage to it? Recycle waste fridges, shop the wage* CFC aerosol cans.
What effects can radiation have? Electronic current heating, photosynthesis, ionization.
Apacket of radiation is a photon.
What’s the difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation? Ionized radiation absorbs more energy and it can ionized but the non-ionizedradiations packs less energy and radio photons produces hardly and any heating effect.
How do microwave ovens work? Radiation is transferred to the absorbing material (food), heats itup and disappears. The food heats the container.
How can we control the radiation in a microwave? By altering the power setting.
Why is it important that the walls and door of amicrowave oven reflect the microwave radiation? Because the waves reflect directly to the food.
How much larger is the power of a microwave than a normal bulb in you house?10 times larger.
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