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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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My families’ story from the third generation.
Well my story starts when my grandpa’s grandmother and father where alive. By that time my family and I am not ashamed of telling they were poor andhonored with what they have. They real appreciated what they have and work hard to buy what they need. They had about four children and they gave them everything they could love and a public education.Then my great great grand parents died and my great grandparent where left.
My great grand´s mom name is Teresa and she lives in a small lovely house in La Paz she didn´t took any care aboutimproving their life style. Then my great grandmother got married to my great grandfather Alejandro and he tried to improved their situation for their kids but he didn´t had any good job so he work hard.Then my grand pa named Roberto was born with two more brothers. My grand pa had to go to a public school in the outer part of the town in his uncovered feet. Then my great grand pa had a opportunity andimprove their status a little bit from poor and hard workers to middle class and hard worker they were low in the middle class.
Then my grand pa found a chance and went to military school, hegraduated with good grades and was promoted to a higher rank , and every penny he won he gave a part to his parent to help the improve their status .My grand pa met my grand ma Lolita and got married and somy grand pa was promoted to the highest rank a military could ever wish for , he was a general. This made my family status grow from low middle class to middle class then my mom was born name Roberta.She got married with my dad and both kept improving both of their parent’s lives but my dad’s family was in a lower status than my mom’s family. So both got together and start making improvement inour lives, and it´s when my dad decided to put the company that our status went higher we where now with all my family in the high middle class. We aren´t in the high class because that´s for people...
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