Scott joplin

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1867 (Exact date not known) - April 1, 1917.

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He was famous for his unique ragtime compositions, and was known as the "King ofRagtime." During his brief career, Joplin wrote forty-four original ragtime pieces, one ragtime ballet, and two operas. His most famous pieces are: The Entertainer and the Maple Leaf Rag, which becameragtime's first and most influential hit, and remained so for a century.
Although he was penniless and disappointed at the end of his life, Joplin set the standard for ragtime compositions and played akey role in the development of ragtime music. And as a pioneer composer and performer, he helped pave the way for young black artists to reach American audiences of both races.


ScottJoplin, the second of six children, was born on eastern Texas just outside Texarkana. He was son to Giles Joplin and Florence Givins. Scott’s father was an ex-slave from North Carolina. After moving toTexarkana a few years after Scott was born, Giles began working as a common laborer for the railroad. Florence did laundry and cleaning for additional income. Scott was given a musical education byhis musical family. At the age of seven, Scott was allowed to play piano in both a neighbor's house and at the home of an attorney while his mother worked.
Joplin went to school and studied musicunder several local teachers, including a German immigrant called Julius Weiss who had a significant influence. Impressed by Joplin's talent, Weiss taught him for free, tutoring him in various forms ofClassical music as well as folk and opera. In addition, he encouraged the young composer's aspirations and ambitions, even helping Joplin's mother acquire their first used piano from one of his clientswho had bought a new one.


1. Joplin played music at church gatherings and for non-religious entertainments such as African-American dances.
2. Joplin played...
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