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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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Psychiatric Report

Patient: Holden Caulfield
Doctor: Scott Taylor

1. Relationship To Parents: Holden’s relationship to his parents isn’t very good and functional. Holden seems to resent his parents because they sent him to boarding schools and he feels they neglected him. They made no attempt to connect with him in anyway. Holden appears to be suffering from Post Traumatic StressDisorder from his brother’s death from a couple years ago. He still misses his brother Ally, and describes him as his best friend. He needed his parents to connect with him, and they failed to do so. He also thinks his parents are phonies, which is an unusual word to call your parents and a hurtful word. I believe that because his Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder and Bi Polar disorder, Holden reacts tothings more then other teens might. He has been having massive mood swings lately. Holden holds a big grudge towards his parents for sending him away and not checking up on him, he has been lonely. The treatment I would recommend for him would be to undergo family therapy so he could reconnect with his parents and have an open conversation about what’s going on. It may take a while for Holden torebuild the relationship towards his parents, and love them again.

2. Relationship To Siblings:

I think Holden Caulfield’s relationship to his siblings is abnormal. Holden’s ADHD and Autism/ Aspurgers make’s him quite anti social and he is not pleasant to be around. With him being away from home and attending boarding school to boarding school, he never gets to see Phoebe and D.B also,with his brother D.B away in Hollywood, he sees him less then Phoebe. He also thinks D.B is a “Phony” like his parents. He sees D.B as a “Phony” because he thinks he’s not a real writer and doesn’t belong there and that he is just a “Big Shot”. Although Phoebe is at home and he get’s to see her whenever he goes to New York, he doesn’t go often. (By never seeing her he always talks about her and itmakes him a “Phony” and he’s scared to be vulnerable). He also has a brother Ally that died a couple years ago. He hasn’t taken the death too well as his brother Ally was his best friend. Holden has been depressed ever since. Holden is also suffering from PTSD because of this loss. The treatment goal for Holden would to reconnect to his brother and sister. Counselling may also help with hisdepression. He would also gain self worth.

3. Relationship to peers:

Holden Caulfield’s relationship to his peers is abnormal compared to other teens. The relationships are not normal because he thinks everyone around him are “phonies”. He calls everyone phonies because he is insecure about his own phoney personality. With out impulse control, Holden can be obnoxious. Being Autistic he is veryanti social so people don’t like to be around him. That’s why his friends come and go so quickly. A treatment for Holden would be to become more open about things in his life. Also to explore why he is so obsessed with everyone being “Phony”. It seems to get in the way of him trusting or becoming close to anyone. I would also like for him to take an anti-depressant because he is one of the mostdepressed kids I’ve dealt with and it will help him be a happier teen. Hopefully he will gain more friends, with the help.

4. Sexual/Physical Maturity:

Holden Caulfield’s sexual and physical maturity is way lower then his age. His sexual maturity is very low because he can never talk to girl and because he obsesses over them. One time he paid a hooker to have sex with him because he was sodesperate but he was too nervous and his thought of having sex was too much. (pg. 96). Depression symptoms are tiredness or disinterest in sex which he had with the hooker. Also with Holden’s ADHD and autism he is very excited and when he gets something in his mind like sex he can’t stop thinking about it. He also talks about girls and calling them but he is so immature that he can’t have a proper...
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