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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2010
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Spanish – English

Spanish is a romance language it's related to italian,portuguese and french
spanish and english uses latin alphabet, in spanish the vowels can take an acuteaccent, and there is the additional letter ñ.
Spanish has 5 pure vowels and 5 dipthongs,english has 15 vowels and 8 diphtongs.
On the other hand there are some consonant soundsin English that we don't have in spanish
such as the two possible sounds occurring when a is written or the aspirated h which in Spanish is silent.

german-englishSimilarities: vocabulary has common roots
But the differences exists in grar,simplified verb conjugation the words may evolve diferently in the two languages, but in some cases, thereis little enough difference in spelling and pronunciation, that you still be able to recognize some words and phrases, even if you don't speak german
verb "drink"Drink, drank, drunk
Trinken, trank, getrunken

English has S-V-O
German has a S-O-V word order


french have 4 nasal vowels, 3 semi vowels, 5 vowels, 6different vowels
6 similar consonants and letter R
French have words that look alike english words like "dessert and désert"
pronunciation is very different speciallyparticularly vowels and letter R
consonants at the end of the words are silent letters
letter e at the end of the words, is silent too
of the last word end with a silent e, the nextsyllable will have an accent.


Chinese have 4 tunes that makes the difference in the meaning of words with the same spelling.
Pin yin is the"phonetical" alphabet
of mandarin.
Chinese have 39 vowels and 23 consonants,
Chinese is totally different than spanish and
it's more easier to be learn for english native speakers.
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