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Jerry: How are you, guys? You know that the month is almost over… and… It's pretty obvious that most of us are not going to continue in this class. (Grades you know) so, what shouldbe done? We need several options.
Ale: We can go to the beach. I know a few beaches where we can go. Santa Maria, which is one of my favorite beaches, is quiet and there are not plenty of waves. Mybest friend has a house there. The gorgeous big white house was created by her dad.
Cristian: Wait, wait, wait…to the beach? You've got to be kidding me. You know that cancer is all over and thensand is very uncomfortable. What about if someone use a cocinero oil in his body?And a lot of news reports, lots of diseases when you are exposed to the sun. Just imagine if there is a Tsunami and…Kari: Oh, come on, don’t be silly… Try to look at this way. Your soulmate might be found there – ehhh
Crist: Ok, let’s go to the beach!
Thalia: Well, we have another option. A party can be made just forus, and if it is in somebody house, a great deal of money can be saved by us. We have to save for the future…
Kari: Oh, here we go again, talking about saving money, listen to me “stingy girl” wehave much trouble trying to find a good idea and you are just freaking us out.
(Everybody is talking at the same time)
Carmen: Silence!!!!!
Jerry: It would be great to see Carmen dressing herbeautiful small new bikini... Oh, Carmen! I was talking about how well dressed are you!
Carmen: Oh, I am very flattered, but I thought you were speaking ill of me.
Jerry: No! How you can think that! Youknow you are my favorite girl.

Carmen: I am really glad you think so. Ok, ok, my idea is to make a reunion to exchange gifts for Valentine´s day!!

Ale: It is a great idea. It is the most popular,funny and old game. A drawing of lots to know who gives to whom can be done by us.

Thalia: Yes, but I believe that in these beautiful and expensive gifts we would spend a lot of money. Much money...
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