Script joan of arc (ingles)

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Scrip of Joan of Arc

Maria Fernanda Diaz

First Scene: Introduction

Friend 1: Do you remember what we have to do for the next History class?
Friend 2: We have to make an assignment coveringJoan of Arc life.
Friend 1: That’s right! I read some things about her. What do you know?
Friend 3: Joan of Arc was a French saint also known by the nickname of The Maid of Orleans and La Pucelle.She was famous for rousing the French against the English during the Hundred Years War. She born in the village of Domremy in 1412, her exact date of birth is unknown.
Friend 2: Her character washighly religious, courageous and determined. Joan of Arc died on 30th May 1431 and Pope Benedict XV canonized her on 16th May 1920.

Second Scene: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

Friend 3: Her fatherhad often told her of the sad condition of France, how the country was largely in the possession of England.

Joan: How I pity my country!
Saint Michael the Archangel: Joan, you can deliver theland from the English; go to the relief of King Charles.

Friend 2: The young girl believed that she had a mission from God, and she determined to try to save France. When she told her father andmother of her purpose, they tried to persuade her that the visions of angels and the voices telling her of the divine mission were dreams, but it was in vain.

Third Scene: Joan of Arc meets KingCharles VII, the King of France, at Chinon

Friend 1: Little by little people began to believe in her mission. At last all stopped trying to discourage her and some who were wealthy helped her to make thejourney to the town of Chinon.

Joan: Gracious King, my name is Joan. God has sent me to deliver France from her enemies. You shall shortly be crowned in the cathedral of Rheims. I am to lead thesoldiers you are about to send for the relief of Orleans. So God has directed and under my guidance victory will be theirs.
King Charles: I’m going to allow you lead an army of about five thousand...
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