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P: Pájaro R: Romina M: Mata
R: Hey Pájaro, how are you?
P: I’m fine, what about you?
R: Excelent, my husband are about buyingsome tickets for the opera.
P: Really? My girlfriend said she prefer to go to a rock concert, she’s kind of weird.
R: Well, I like rock too, but going to theopera make me feel important.
P: Don’t be kidding, going to the opera or going to a reggae concert doesn’t make you more important. People think that they shouldbeing in important places to be important.
M: That’s very true!
R: where you coming from?
M: I’m just arriving and hear your talk.
P: What do think about this,Mata?
M: Well, last Monday I started reading a popular magazine, and they told that people self-esteem and sense of importance grows agree if they are having agood time or not.
R: That’s true, but if you have enough money to bought opera tickets, you are not going to a reggae concert.
P: I’m agree with Romina, and atwhat time you are going to the opera?
M: It’s tomorrow, at 9 o’clock
P: Can I go with my girlfriend?
R: Of course, we’re glad if you join us. But you need tobuy the tickets now.
P: I’m interested in buying first seat tickets, are you fine with that?
M:First seats? It’s a little expensive.
R: We were thinking ingoing to the middle or something like that.
M:I would prefer to be with you friend, so why don’t you buy middle seats?
P: That’s perfect, we can have a really goodtime
R: What about dinnering after the opera?
M: Yes, that would be great. What about at my place? We can cook something, some wine and have a chill time.
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