Scuba diving speech

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Kendall College
SPEECH DUE, Monday, 2/13
Topics Due: Wednesday, 2/1
Prep and speaking outline due, hard copy to class: 2/8

You are free to select the topic. Keep in mindtwo guidelines:
1. Select a topic in which you are already knowledgeable or somewhat an expert
2. Select a topic which you can relate to your audience (is of use to the class).
Yourgeneral goal is to convey knowledge and understanding to your classmates.
Informative speech topics can include the following:
1. Speeches about Objects (The Grand Canyon, an MP3 player, the uses ofSeaweed)
2. Speeches about Processes (“How-to” speeches, how to write an effective resume, how hurricanes develop, how a car engine works). MUST demo if choosing a “How-to” speech.
3. Speechesabout Events (Cinco de Mayo, getting a therapeutic massage, figure skating competition)


1. 5-6 minutes in length. Speeches severely under or over the time limit will suffer agrade penalty.
2. You are required to research your topic and to use outside research to support your main ideas. Therefore, you will include supporting materials which you may draw from thefollowing:
A. Library/Database resources (one)
B. Interview with an Expert (one)
You must use and cite at least two (2) separate sources in the BODY (not intro or conclusion) ofyour speech.
3. Your speech must be in standard outline format (just like your Self-Intro speech). Each speech will have a general purpose, a specific purpose and a central idea listed at the topof the page.
4. You must submit a typed PREPARATION outline and Bibliography as your “rough draft.” You must then prepare and submit a SPEAKING outline, along with your revised Prep outline,before the start of your speech.
5. Your speech MUST be Extemporaneous. This means you will speak from a SPEAKING outline (different from your Prep outline) on note cards.
6. You must use a...
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