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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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Why people who have been to England say that the food there is horrible?
We will try to find out if what we think about English food is right or not.
One of the firsttopics that comes to mind when we think about food habits in England is that they eat earlier than us. Because of that some people think that there is usual to have a snack hours after eating a lot fordinner. Furthermore, something that we think it’s typical engilsh is having some tea at five o’clock.
Actually, we are not wrong. In England, people have breakfast at more or less eight o’clock, whenthey wake up. At twelve or one o’clock they have lunch and one or two hours before having dinner * they have a cup of tea or a snack. ******
But what do they eat?
Here, in Spain, we thinkthat English people is used to have a huge breakfast, for example fried eggs, sausages, bacon , bread, brownies, muesli… We also think that for lunch and dinner the typical dishes are fish and chipsor whatever with chips (meat, eggs, sausages, more chips, and chips …), several kinds of vegetables and soup.
The fact is that they eat all of that, but these are not the only dishes they taste, andthey also do it in other way. For lunch they don’t eat much, only a sandwich or a snack, but the dinner is bigger.
Other typical dishes a part from the ones that we have thought before, are roastbeaf, meat cake, crumble, bacon (not the one we think, because it’s ham (jamon dulce)), for instance.
We also have to think that England is a very multicultural country so there we will find food fromall around the world, over all tailandese, chinese and Italian food.
We think soda, juices, not much alcohol and tea.
Truth: The same but more alcohol, bear (pint), wine with the meals,berries of the forest.
From our point of view, in England there is no much overweigh even the meals are very greasy. This causes that there are lots of people in England...
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