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The story (and yes, this is the spoiler, so if you don't want to know, skip ahead, skip ahead!) starts out by tracing the Dahl family. Roald Dahl explains his Norwegian roots, how his father ran awayfrom home with his brother on a cargo ship to Calais, France. He briefly discusses his father's business as a shipbroker and from this, he stumbles upon the explaination of his father's first wife,Marie. The story is taken to Cardiff, Wales and the first two children of the Dahl family arrive into the s
cene. After the death of Marie, Harald Dahl meets Sofie Magdalene Hesselburg, Roald's ownmother. It is from here that the colourful story of Roald Dahl begins, as he describes with vivid truth his parents and Wales, where he grew up. After the death of his father, the character of hismother is painted in obviously dear memory. She is presented as a woman of strength and courage, taking care of six children in a foreign land, determined to fulfill her husband's wish of giving thechildren a British education. This takes the reader into Roald Dahl's school life, which constitutes most of the 173 pages of the book. From memories of his very first tricycle at the age of six (related 62years later with the same passion he must have had at that age) all the way to leaving Repton and accepting a job at Shell, Roald Dahl tells his stories with so much zeal, you'd think they happenedyesterday. Reading those chapters about principals with canes, you'd think he still had those scars across his bottom and he still felt the pain he so truthfully describes. You yourself feel a horribledread when you think about that Matron at the boarding school he writes about as she screams, "'Snoring is a disgusting habit. Only the lower classes do it!'" and poars soap powder into a littleboy's open, snoring mouth. And who can forget what happened when Roald put goat droppings in his "ancient half-sister's" fiancee's pipe? To make all this come to life with more accuracy in the reader's...
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