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If my team wins the cup, I’ll wear this T-shirt everywhere for one year.

If your team wins, I´ll eat my hat.

This is the last blender I have. If you don’t buy it now, you’ll miss a great opportunity for a great product at a cheap price.

If your buy two, you`ll get one for free.

If you vote for me, I´ll make this country better for everyone.

Marryme, Fiona. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

I’ll be sorry if I do.

Eat your food. Think of all starving children in the world.

So, Mommy, if I eat all my food, the won’t starve?

If you tell Mom, you’ll never use my video games again.

Answer true or false.
1.________ if the teen’s team wins, he’ll cut his hair.
2.______ if the customer doesn’t buy the blender now, the salespersonwill keep it for her.
3.____If you buy one box of detergent, you`ll get one for free.
The woman doesn’t want to marry the man.
5.________ the mother will give the food to hungry children if the little girl doesn´t eat.
6:______--- the older brother will be angry if his little brother tells their mother.

Ask and answer.
1. A: Will you be sorry if your team loses?
B: Yes, I will. /No, Iwon’t.

2. A: If I save some money, I´ll buy a new bike.
How about you?
B: I´ll probably take a trip.

3. A: What will you do if she tells the teacher?
B: I won´t talk to her again.

4. A: If I get good grades, my parents will buy me a scooter.
B: Mine will just be happy for me.

Maria: what are your parents like?
Norma: They’re not too bad. They normally let me do what I want. I canwear what I like, and I can stay out late. They trust me. And if they don’t like something, we’ll st down and discuss it. How about yours?
Maria: mine are very strict and old-fashioned. If I wear something my mom doesn’t approve of, she won’t let me out of the house.
Norma: what happens if you want to sleep at a friend’s house or travel with friends?
Maria: they won’t let me.
Norma: what time doyou have to be home at night?
Maria: if I’m not back by one, my parents will be mad. What’s thr time now?
Norma: it’s one in the morning.
Maria: oh, oh, I’m going to be in trouble.

1. Are Norma’s parents strict?
2. What do Norma’s parents do if they disagree with her?
3. What kind of parents does Maria have?
4. What happens if Maria’s mother doesn’t like the way she’s dressed?5. Do her parents let her travel with friends?
6. What will happen if Maria comes home late?


Listen to Maria’s conversation with her mother. Complete the sentences.

1. It’s__________________ in the morning.
2. Maria says she is late because___________________--.
3. She didn’t ask her father to pick her up because she didn’t want_____________________
4. If Maria is lateagain her parents________________________


The first conditional

Use the first conditional to talk about possibilities, possible events, and probable results,
Use simple present in the if-clause and will/’ll or won’t in the other clause.
What will they do if they win the game?
If they win the game, they’ll have a big party.
They’ll be very sad if they don’t win.
If they don’t win, theywon’t receive the trophy.

Use the firs conditional to give warnings or make threats.
If you don’t arrive by midnight, we’ll lock the door.
If you say that again, I’ll scream.

Language in Context

Match the parts of the sentences.
1. _________ if you lose your ticket,
2. _________ if my relatives come and stay
3. If we run quickly,
4. If you make so much noise.
5. If she comeshome late at night
6. If you’re lucky on the show.
7. If he doesn’t give back my CDs.
8. If you leave your skateboard on the floor,

a. You’ll win a prize.
b. You’ll wake up the baby.
c. Someone will trip on it.
d. I`ll share my room with my cousin,
e. You won’t get into the concert.
f. We’ll catch the bus.
g. Her parents will be mad.
h. I’ll never...
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